Exercise outdoors for a fit and flexible body

IJslander has been producing and supplying high-quality stainless steel sport and play equipment for public spaces for 20 years. Our equipment is made of recycled stainless steel and is reusable, low-maintenance, vandalism-proof and can be made to measure. Take for example our BarForz: outdoor gyms for Calisthenics, Bootcamp or Free Run enthusiasts, and of course every other sport lover who wants to exercise outside!

The BarForz was developed for exercising with other people outdoors using the body’s weight and supported by exercise equipment to strengthen the body. Anyone can join in with this ‘bodyweight fitness’, which trains all the muscles and tendons at the same time, rather than a single muscle group. This reduces the chance of injury and ensures that no part of the body is left untrained. The BarForz was developed in close consultation with Calisthenics enthusiasts and therefore meets every fitness requirement. For example, the bars are suited to every pair of hands and the gym layout is cleverly designed to allow a series of exercises to be carried out one after the other. Go for it with the BarForz XS, S, M or XL!

IJslander has developed four BarForz gyms. The XS gym is the basic model and can be expanded to make a S, M or XL gym, depending on requirements and available space. The gyms can be placed in parks and other public spaces. BarForz is a modular system that makes it easy to install, link and uninstall the separate parts. The BarForz outdoor gyms are suitable for men and women aged 16 and over.