Allround work-out

This gym is an extension of the XS gym and is suitable for small- to medium-sized spaces. The additional modules allow Calisthenics enthusiasts to jump, twist, dance, kick, climb and bend even more. The gym challenges the experienced, but can also be used by beginners. The additional modules for the BarForz S consist of extra Pull Up bars and equipment to support the Dragon Flag, Decline Push Ups, Human Flag T and Human Flag Stairs. The last two of these in particular can be used for some great moves!

The BarForz S gym is suitable for medium-sized playgrounds or smaller parks. The result: easily-accessible areas for young and old, who may be encouraged when they see the outdoor enthusiasts to try it out for themselves.



  • Article number
  • Description
    BarForz S veld
  • Age category as of
  • Age category up to
  • Measurement length of equipment
    8,21 m
  • Measurement width of equipment
    5,46 m
  • Measurement height of equipment
    2,84 m
  • Safe zone length
    11,2 m
  • Safe zone width
    8,53 m
  • Fall height
    1,49/2,49 m
  • Foundation m2 (minimal calculation)
  • Fall foundation class
    B/C (dep. on location)
  • Total weight
    682 kg
  • Heaviest part
    68 kg
  • Number of people
  • Assembly hours (couple)