Fits any space

The smallest BarForz gym is suitable for smaller spaces and includes all the essential elements for Calisthenic exercises. Its smart design minimises the space between the upright supports, so that users can move easily from one exercise to the next. BarForz XS is suitable for both beginners and advanced Calisthenics enthusiasts and can also be combined with a running track. The BarForz XS gym includes the Monkeybar, Dipbar and Pull Ups exercise modules.

Its limited size means that the BarForz XS can easily be incorporated into a local playground. It could, for example, be used to replace a youth hangout area. Exercising as a group stimulates social interaction and young people’s self-confidence, as well as encouraging mutual respect.



  • Article number
  • Description
    BarForz XS veld
  • Age category as of
  • Age category up to
  • Measurement length of equipment
    4,43 m
  • Measurement width of equipment
    2,49 m
  • Measurement height of equipment
    2,84 m
  • Safe zone length
    8,11 m
  • Safe zone width
    6,9 m
  • Fall height
    1,49/2,49 m
  • Foundation m2 (minimal calculation)
  • Fall foundation class
    B/C (afh. van locatie)
  • Total weight
    342 kg
  • Heaviest part
    56 kg
  • Number of people
  • Assembly hours (couple)